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The Architekturtage are here again! They will take place for the fourth time throughout Austria on 16 and 17 May 2008.

Experiencing Architecture is the motto under which all the provinces of Austria will present a wide-ranging programme, providing you an exciting overview of the most varied aspects of architecture.

We invite you to join us on walks in urban spaces and bus tours to remote places to see the familiar with different eyes, to discover the hidden. Open studios and buildings will give you exciting insights into the working methods of architects and engineers as well as into the diversity of architecture in Austria. Numerous exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions will stimulate a theoretical engagement with architecture and parties and art events in select venues will turn architecture into a memorable and enjoyable experience.

A richly varied programme especially conceived for children and young people, ranging from guided architecture tours to making models of architecture and even designing entire buildings, will make a visit more than worth its while for them.

An initiative of the Federal Chamber of Architects an Engineer Consultants and the Austrian Architectural Foundation.

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