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  Architekturtage 2002
  27th and 28th of September
  Architekturtage 2002 is a cooperative project of the Federal Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers and the Austrian Architectural Foundation. The architecture institutions in the respective Austrian provinces function as local partners designing the individual program according to regional circumstances.

In each province, it will be possible to get to know the working conditions of architects, to visit selected constructions, as well as to come into contact with owners, users and architects. Symposiums, presentations, excursions and celebrations complete the program.

During these two days, the lively and multifaceted Austrian architecture scene will be made visible to a broad public, while at
the same time being transmitted across
the borders through cooperations with comparable institutions from Central and Eastern European countries.

Architekturtage 2000 makes evident what significance architecture has for our everyday world and which role constructive working together between clients, politicians and architects plays - not only during the two days of the festival, but throughout the entire legislative period.

27th September:
Open House of Architecture: Visiting construction sites and studios
Views into the work atmosphere and selected architectural objects

28th September:
Installations/Interventions, Lectures, Celebrations:
Thematic playing use of an area/construction with various points of focus (subject to alterations)

Program (pdf)

Programmfolder (pdf)

Partner: Hungary

Secret Places
Architecture Expeditions in Burgenland

Within the framework of the autumn Architekturtage 2002, Architektur Raum Burgenland will present constructions from around Neusiedler See, which, though relatively unknown, nonetheless display a high formal quality. As the tourist icon Neusiedler See was recently pronounced a »World Heritage Site,« it seems necessary to understand the significance and position of contemporary architecture as a component of the culture of this area.

On the first day, a bus tour will divulge the secrets of hidden places: A summer cottage shrouded by thorny hedges, interesting private gardens, an island world and much more. The following day, a ship will dock at Neusiedl am See and Strandbad Podersdorf where architects, politicians, economists, journalists and vacationers will discuss contemporary architecture. A traveling exhibition will illustrate examples of modern construction.

Important to remember on both days: Don't forget your passport, swimming stuff, rain gear, rubber boots and binoculars!

Architektur Raum Burgenland
T: +43 (0) 2682 704 4160
Architektur Raum Burgenland

Programmfolder (pdf)

Architecture - Have a look inside!
An invitation - Architects open their studios

The architects from Carinthia intend to show their work in the most complete and personal way possible. The presentations should serve to build a broader basis of understanding of architecture from a public, which, up until now, has remained relatively sceptical. For this reason, countless architecture studios will open their doors to the public on the 27th of September. It should then be possible to consolidate the impressions made during the respective visits through additional confrontations with buildings such as the Europan-Wohnbau, the »Blaue Würfel« and the Harbach wooden housings. Presentations will take place hourly, frequently in the presence of the architects.

Kärntens Haus der Architektur - Napoleonstadel
T: +43 (0) 463 / 504577
Kärntens Haus der Architektur-Napoleonstadel


Upper Austria
Programmfolder (pdf)
offene Ateliers und Bauwerke (pdf)

Partner: Czech Republic und Slovakia

city aspiration
The city's desire for inhabitants and the inhabitant's desire for city

The architects from Upper Austria will explore the phenomenon of city both locally and beyond the Czech and Slovak border. How and according to what rules do the cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia develop? What happens in neglected urban spaces, and how can one deal with their potential? The city of Linz will be explored considering the aspects of a city whose outer borders continue to grow while its center becomes more and more empty. According to studies, more than double the necessary building space is available in the city. As a mid-sized urban space which has mutated from an industrial to a cultural and technology center, Linz must stand up to the pressure by developing an attractive and unmistakable profile. A bus trip to experts in Linz will deepen an understanding of various positions during the Architekturtage 2002.

Architekturforum Oberösterreich/Volksküche
T: +43 (0) 732 / 711 701
Architekturforum Oberösterreich


Programmfolder (pdf)

Partner: Lithuania

Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers Salzburg
Open Architectures, Architecture and Schools
Initiative Architektur
Do you Understand the Train Station? - Initiative for a livable train station district

Within the framework of the Architekturtage 2002, the architects in the city and state of Salzburg plan to bring their creations closer to an interested public. While curious laymen and potential contractors view the works of Salzburg's architects, younger architects will present works which came into being during a recently held workshop led by the group »Architektur und Schule.«

As a further point in the program, the Salzburg train station including surroundings will be brought to discussion under the title »Verstehen Sie Bahnhof« (an idiom which means »Do you get it?«). By some, the train station district is perceived as a colorful, multicultural, urban part of Salzburg; by others, as unlivable. To which long term perspectives for overall city planning can thoughts about new construction in the area be led (investors plan to add 130,000 square feet to the area)? A walk through the city, a symposium with presentations from experts from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Lithuania, accompanied by statements from residents, and a general public discussion will serve to further a socially just and diverse city restoration. The festival will conclude with a celebration in the Salzburger Kammer der Architekten und Ingenieurkonsulenten.

Verstehen Sie Bahnhof?
Initiative Architektur Salzburg
T: +43 (0) 662 / 87 98 67
Initiative Architektur Salzburg
Kurator Norbert Mayr
T: +43 (0) 662 / 848480

Offene Architekturen, Architektur und Schule
Kammer der Architekten und Ingenieurkonsulenten Salzburg
T: +43 (0) 662 / 872383

Programmfolder (pdf)

Architecture - Have a Look Inside!
from 4-99 years

The Styrian architects intend to show their work in the most complete and personal way possible. Presentations should serve to build a broader basis of understanding of architecture for a public ranging from 4 to 99 years old, which, until now, has remained relatively skeptical. For this reason, 43 architects will open their doors to the public on Friday. On the following day, it will be possible to consolidate impressions made on Friday through a visit to the buildings. The inner city of Graz, remarkable architecture to get healthy by, living and studying and other examples of modern architecture will be investigated, while the next generation is made familiar with the fine points of architecture.

In addition, the exhibition »Alte Ansichten, Stadtvisionen des 20 Jahrhunderts« will show the permanent process of change in a city with the example of development in Graz since 1945.

info and registration:
Haus der Architektur Graz
T: +43 (0) 316 / 323 500
Haus der Architektur Graz


Programmfolder (pdf)

Partner: Polend

The Space of the political
On the relationship between architecture and society

Society and architecture, man and object stand in constant exchange. While architecture designs spaces for society, society influences architecture. Man and his politics define and control the guidelines for architecture. For this reason, the group Tiroler Architekturschaffenden will present itself during the Architekturtage 2002 under the motto »The Space of the Political.«

A microcosm manifests itself transposing political and societal exchange into the world of architects and engineers, with studio collectives representing the smallest unit of political space in vastly different structures. Such networks will be presented on the first day in four individually defined architectural districts. The following day, the representation of political power will itself become the focus of attention. The new city hall by Dominique Perrault-the fiercely contested result of years of conflict between political, economic and media interests-will be presented to the public.

In addition, three further political and historical pivotal points will be studied according to their architectural specifications. The Central Transformer Station (Umspannwerk Mitte), the Innsbruck Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof Innsbruck), the second most frequented station in Austria, and the new Bergisel ski jumping platform will all be broken down into their respective architectural and technical components.

Architekturforum Tirol
T: +43 (0) 512 / 57 15 67
Architekturforum Tirol


Programmfolder (pdf)
offene Ateliers und Bauwerke (pdf)

Partner: Liechtenstein

Open for Spaces - Welcome to life
Architectural output in the country

»Open for Spaces - Welcome to Life«: the title reflects the main idea for the Architekturtage from the most westerly Austrian state. Through their own presentation, the architects from Vorarlberg would like to demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between architecture and living space in Vorarlberg and its cooperation partner Liechtenstein. A further goal remains in the bettering of communication between building owners, the public and public offices.

Open studios, bus trips to important constructions in the Bregenzerwald, bicycle trips to modern architecture between Dornbirn and Lustenau or power stations in Feldkirch - in addition to discussions and a look to the architects working in Liechtenstein. The architects from Vorarlberg intend to acquaint all interested parties with their work in the most broad and eclectic way possible.

information and registration:
vorarlberger architektur institut
T: +43 (0) 5572 51169
vorarlberger architektur institut


Vienna and Lower Austria
Programmfolder (pdf)
offene Ateliers und Bauwerke (pdf)

Partner: Slowakia

Architecture from within
Run Indoors 200x in Vienna, Lower Austria and Bratislava

In the historically and geographically linked regions of Vienna, Lower Austria and Bratislava around 170 buildings and 30 architecture studios will be opened to a curious public. During the Architekturtage 2002, Lower Austria will present 40 of its most interesting constructions from the past 10 years. Vienna will open a broad spectrum of its buildings ranging from the small to the skyscraper, from Kindergarten to Kraftwerk, from Jugendstil construction to construction site. As the third host, Slovakia will present buildings which have been built since the fall of the Iron Curtain. In addition, architects will offer a behind the scenes glimpse into their working methods.

Registration and info Vienna and Lower Austria:
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur - ÖGFA
T: +43 (0) 1 / 319 77 15
ÖGFA - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur

Registration Bratislava:
Slovakian Architects Collective SAS
T: +421 (0) 2 54431431, +421 (0) 2 54435177

2 out of 365 Architecture Days in the Architekturzentrum Wien

With the motto of 2 out of 365 architecture days, the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) will open its doors to the curious public. Thematic tours of the current exhibitions display architecture of the highest quality. Workshops for children 6 years and up will bring them the world of architecture closer. For the first time, it will be possible to view the newly installed archive and collection under expert guidance. While in the library, research tools and the multiplicity of publications available in the Az W
will be more closely explored.

information and registration:
Az W - Architekturzentrum Wien
T: +43 (0) 1 / 522 31 15
Az W - Architekturzentrum Wien


…on/in/by the lovely blue Danube
A border-crossing ship journey from Lower Austria through Vienna to Slovakia

Will the Danube again become the trans-regional main artery of Central European Culture? Can the area along the river be brought back to life through first class architectural initiatives? Important topics such as edges, borders, shores, differences and the future of architecture, management of architecture, landscape architecture, city and regional planning, economics and politics will be discussed on the 500 person paddle-wheeled steamboat »MS Stadt Wien« at and between stops in Tulln, Vienna, Hainburg and Bratislava. The presentations and discussions, as well as the city tours and concluding party should facilitate communication between city and country, East and West, experts and laymen - furthering possible future projects.

ORTE architekturnetzwerk niederösterreich
T: +43 (0) 2732 78374
ORTE - architekturnetzwerk niederösterreich
Fee: from Tulln 55 €, from Vienna 50 €
Don't forget your passport!


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